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Malcolm Lewis

    Some more suggestions
    HQS Wellington R.N. Sloop L.1934. (HQ Hon Company of Master Mariners). Afloat, moored Victoria Embankment, London
    RMS Queen Mary L.1934 Liner and troopship in WW2. Afloat Long Beach, California USA.
    HMS Belfast L.1938 Light Cruiser. Afloat Upper Pool, River Thames, London.
    USS Intrepid L.1942 A/C Carrier afloat New York USA
    USS Hornet L.1942 A/C Carrier afloat San Francisco USA.
    HMS Cavalier Destroyer L.1943 Afloat Chatham Museum
    U.S. Jeremiah O’Brian Liberty Ship L.1943 Afloat San Francisco< USA
    ML1387 Medusa – Motor Launch L.1943 Present at D-Day landings. Restored and afloat at Gosport.
    HMY Britannia Royal Yacht L.1953 Afloat Leith, Edinburgh
    HMAS Vampire (Daring Class) Destroyer. L1958 Afloat Sydney Harbour, Australia
    HMAS Onslow submarine. L.1968 Afloat Sidney Harbour.
    Malcolm Lewis