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Stephen B. G

Just listened to the latest podcast on the Maritime History of WWII. Excellent! Really appreciated your guest and his insights. Your excursion into the beginnings of the U.S. Navy was interesting as well as his thoughts about the research and process of developing the book. His mention of Alexander Hamilton brought to mind Hamilton’s attempt to provide the new nation with a nascent naval force by forming the Revenue Cutter Service, the precursor of the U.S. Coast Guard. Late in the broadcast he mentioned the shipbuilding that took place (Liberty ships, amphibious craft, etc.) and seemed to say that there are no examples of WWII LSTs still afloat. You might pass on to him that there is one that is still on exhibit in the town of Evansville, Indiana: I haven’t visited, but from the website it seems like they’ve kept LST-325 in WWII configuration.

Thanks again for the podcast! Looking forward to your next episode!