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David Hepper

    The following is from Falconer’s New Universal Dictionary of the Marine, as revised by Dr Burney for the 1815 edition
    Ranges of carronades, assuming the charge being one-twelfth of the weight of the shot and with one round and wadding; from six to nine feet above water
    32 pdr carronade – from 330 yards at ‘point-blank’ level elevation to 1087 yards at 5 degrees elevation
    24 pdr carronade – from 300 yards etc to 1050 yards at 5 degs
    18 pdr carronade – from 270 yards etc to 1000 yards at 5 degs
    note: 12-pdr carronade not listed, but presumably, less that these

    At 2 degs elevation, with single shot to first graze – 1200 yards
    at 4 degs elevation, – 1,600 yards
    at 7 degs elevation – 2,150 yards
    with mix of one round shot and grapeshot – at 2 degs out to 600 yards
    with double-headed or bar-shot – will range to first graze at 800 yards