Reply To: Titanic

Frank Scott

In my article for the centenary edition of MM, Vol 97:1 (Feb 2011), ‘The Mariner’s Mirror and the Sailing Ship: A marriage made in heaven?’ I noted that ‘like the famous watch-dog ‘that did not bark in the night’, this journal has taken great and scrupulous care to avoid being dragged into any involvement with the endless controversies surrounding the loss of RMS Titanic in 1912’. In a footnote I went on to write ‘The Titanic is not mentioned at all until brief comment in a very mild book review by Captain A.G. Course in Mariner’s Mirror 55 (1969) generated a letter in Mariner’s Mirror, 56 (1970) that invited SNR involvement in the Titanic–Californian controversy. It was an offer that was studiously declined.’