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Keith H

    What I now know is that you have sourced the entirety of your information from online sources. The fact of the matter is that this is an analogue exercise, and that either you or a third party will need to be at The National Archives UK Kew, to physically view the records.

    The lion’s share of what you need has not been digitised, nor is this likely to happen any time soon.

    To recap, what do we know from FMP:

    When he was awarded an out-Pension in 1815 (archive reference ADM 6/276) along with an out-Pensioner number of 17922.

    His out-Pension payment ledger from 1836 (archive reference ADM 22/410) does state his duration of service was 18 years, 5 months, 3 weeks and 2 days in total. He served in “1DRM” which summarises that he was in Chatham Division.

    On 5 May 1836, he applied to become an in-Pensioner. He does not appear to have been successful, so would have remained an out-Pensioner. This is borne out by the information from WO 22 and ADM 22.

    The HMS Acasta ship muster (possibly the ADM 37 series) image tells us that he embarked on 16 April 1797. He accrued pay for the months of November and December, the year is not apparent. The purser has neglected to record his shore company number, but it confirms that he embarked from Chatham Division headquarters.

    Although he appears on the 1841 Census, these details are sparse, and the age is often rounded to within five years. It advises whether English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish or Foreigner, but no specific place names.

    The names of all Royal Marines on the shore subsistence sheets for 1810 have been transcribed by Kevin Asplin. This tells us that he appears in a box of sheets, containing the records for the 1st to the 25th company, covering all four quarters. The archive reference is ADM 96/295. Given that he is a Chatham marine, he is in one of the following companies:
    1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th
    Royal Marine companies and their parent Divisions
    The shore subsistence sheets will document how long he was on shore. If he was on shore for part of the year, it will tell you the incoming ship that he disembarked, and also the outgoing ship that he embarked.

    Kevin is probably the most experienced person in the country at researching Royal Marines of the Napoleonic Wars. His Victorian research has been recognised by an Award of Merit from the Orders & Medals Research Society. I am not sure if he is still a professional researcher, and could undertake the research for a fee.

    The Greenwich out-Pensioner and Chelsea out-Pensioner variance analysis records (archive reference WO) tell us that he died at Barnet on 27 February 1850. This is corroborated by the GRO index of BMD (births, marriages, deaths). The index for Q1 1850 records the death of “Frederick Propsting”, volume 6, page 334 in the Barnet registration district in the county of Middlesex. You can obtain a copy of his birth certificate for a small fee, via the GRO website.

    The following, although old in content, does make up a significant chunk of “Researching your Royal Marine ancestors”, and is worth a read by anyone looking to research a Royal Marine.
    Records of the Non-Commissioned Ranks of the Royal Marines