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This is always difficult with students as we are not certain as outsiders what the subject material will be covered. However these are my suggestions for an overal synopsis of maritime history:
1 Peter Kemp (ed.) “The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea”
2 Brian Lavery “Nelsons Navy”
3 Jan Glete “Navies and Nations: Warships,Navies and State Building in Europe and America 1500 – 1860” in two volumes
4 David J Starkey and Alan G Jamieson
“Exploiting the Sea: Aspects of Britain’s Maritime Economy since 1870”
5 Peter Padfield “War Beneath the Sea”

Books come and go and updating research is always useful to try and keep up to date which at times is very difficult. It also depends on one’s interests in the field of maritime history.
Keith Langridge