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Michael Leek

Good evening all!

Last month I was in Lisbon for a few days (my first visit to this beautiful city). During our limited time we managed to fit in a fleeting visit to the maritime museum. And very impressive it was! Excellent and varied museum shop too (where the staff immediately and without question arranged for a large number of books to be shipped to my home; a service other museums should be willing to offer).

What was extremely impressive was the museum’s collection of ship models. Some outstanding contemporary ones, whilst the majority showed the development of the Portuguese navy. These appeared to be relatively recent builds. These Portuguese navy models were to a constant 1:48 scale. They showed a level of craftsmanship and detail rarely seen in modern models. Even steam pinnaces carried by some warships were equipped with compound steam engines, boilers and much else besides! The same applied to the Portuguese equivalent of RN 27’ whalers.

When I get time, I’ll share one or two photographs of some of the models. In the meantime, I wholeheartedly recommend the Portuguese maritime museum in Lisbon! You will not be disappointed!