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We have Partidge’s book, “The R N College Osborne: a history 1902-21” at the Bodleian. It was published by Suttons of Stroud for the RN Museum in 1999. This volume is kept in “deep storage” which indicates it has rarely been consulted.
Oddly, the only other book I can trace about Osborne – which we also have in Bodleian’s deep store – was published in the same year, author Geoffrey Haskins, title “The school that Jack built: the RN College Osborne 1903-23”, a book I have heard of (but which did not come straight to mind) but have not read.
Amazon may have second-hand copies of either, althougn I doubt either book will shed much light on Linton’s career at Osborne other than dates of passing-in and passing-out.
The Naval List for the period will give the years of Linton’s various promotions; most years of the 20th century are available online.
Justin Reay, Forum Editor