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Fr. Paul Vasquez

    So here’s the unfortunate reply from the Library:

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding images of other plates from Description of the uniform which, in pursuance of His Majesty’s pleasure is to be worn by officers of the Royal Navy, published in London by the Admiralty in 1825.

    We could usually offer a charged-for scanning service of the other illustrations in which you were interested, provided these were for personal reference (rather than publication or broadcast). Unfortunately, we are currently unable to locate our copy of this book so this would not be possible. The images that you’ve found on our catalogue are for single prints from the prints and drawings collection (part of the Museum’s art collection). There are separate from our copy of the whole work. I have not been able to find any other prints from the same work on our Collections Online catalogue, nor have I been able to find any other libraries with copies of the book in the union catalogue Library Hub Discover (, which might have been another solution.

    I’m afraid I don’t have any other suggestions for collections you could try. I’m sorry not to be able to be of more help on this occasion.

    Kind regards,

    I guess we’re lucky that someone happened to have stuck two plates from the original regs into an art folder somewhere. If anyone ever gets a lead on a copy someplace, I’d appreciate if you’d post to the forum. This is not for a future article, but rather to try to preserve this important resource for future generations.