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Peter. H. King

    Many thanks, Mark,

    Yes, I strongly suspect that panting problems and the need to strengthen the foundations of the bowsprit were inter-linked reflecting problems experienced south bound (laden with granite and whisky) which led to both modifications. Interestingly, a dispute between L.R.’s surveyor and the shipyard over the installation of panting beams in “Cutty Sark” was apparently one of the elements which led to the bankrupting of the yard Scott and Linton a year later. L.R. were somewhat vague in their Suggestions for panting beams, leaving execution of the requirement to the attending surveyor. “Thermopylae” subsequently had an additional panting beam and a pair of panting stringers 19′ 6″ long laid on the panting beams added at survey Feb. 1884, so clearly effective defence against panting was still a latent defect.

    Unfortunately, no detailed plans of the fore part of the vessel remain extant.