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Mark Barton

    I suspect the answer is going to be very complex. In most European countries now pilots are part of the relevant harbour authority and thus under lots of separate organisations, so you are almost into a port by port research. There are exceptions for example the Danes have a national service and it combines the roles of pilots, Search and Rescue (RNLI in the UK), Lighthouses (Trinity House in the UK) and navigation (Hydrographic Agency in the UK) all in one Government Department. This though was formed by the merger of four separate organisations in the 1970s. Before that they were under Danish Pilots Service (Lodsv├Žsenet) but all the references to them that I can find online for them in WW2 are in Danish. I suspect it may be national organisations for Belgium, Denmark Greece, Italy, Portugal and Poland as their lifeboat services are part of bigger government departments. The challenge for any online work is you get flooded with answers about pilots in the air forces.