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Robert Legge

The following book can help: Lords Of The East: The East India Company and its Ships, Jean Sutton, Conway Maritime Press 1961, ISBN 0-85177-169-6 has some information, and there is a later edition. Other books which may help are:
The East Indiamen, The Seafarers, Russell Miller, Time-Life Books 1980, ISBN 7054-0635-0.
The Great East India Adventure: The Story of the Swedish East India Adventure, Robert Hermansson, Breakwater Publishing 2004, ISBN 91-975200-9-8.
Ostindief Araren Gotheborg Seglar Igen: The Swedish Ship Gotheborg Sails Again, Ingrid Arensberg, Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB, 2005, ISBN 91-86425-85-4.
We were told at a lecture held when the Gotheborg Replica was in Fremantle, W.A. that the vessel had averaged just over 4.5 knots on the leg from South Africa to Fremantle. I think there is more information on the vessel’s website: