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I had not seen this term before, but ran it past someone very knowledgeable about old shipbuilding terms, David Antscherl, author of The Fully Framed Ship Model: HMN Swan Class Sloops 1767-1780, 2 volumes, Seawatch Books, Florence, (Oregon) 2009. Although unfamiliar to him, given the context, he suggested that ‘gize’ in the passage from Sutherland might be an old form of “joist”. This was was confirmed by the Oxford English Dictionary‘s listing of obsolete forms of the word. …gist, gys, gise, jyce, ioyst. Middle English gyste. Ultimately related to Latin jacere = to lie, French g├ęsir = to lie. It probably was pronounced ‘jyce’ or ‘jyze’ with a soft ‘g’.