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Brian D. H

    Thank you for the response on tidal rates, it is most helpful, as well as the note on Tide Tables pt III. Unfortunately I have been unable to source a copy as yet.
    I believe Harmonic predications are the current method used for tidal heights. As I mentioned [in my earlier signal], the 1940 Tidal Atlas deals with mean rate streams, and I have as yet been unable to find any information on how this information was used in navigational calculations, if indeed it differed very much from the current methods using Neaps and Springs.
    Is it likely that the mean rate streams were in use during WW1?
    I note that charts of the period (1916) do have information for the calculation of heights by the HW F&C method, just as they do not have Tidal Diamonds as such – just nominated locations, sometimes the crossing of Latitude And Longitude lines.
    I must point out of course that this is a theoretical exercise and that I will not be sailing with this calculated information! I suppose I need to talk to a WW2 Navigator?