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Alistair Roach

    Thank you. I do already have The Torpedomen plus Flotillas, a hard-lying story by [Captain Lionel] Dawson (1933), Endless Story [: being an account of the work of the destroyers, flotilla-leaders, torpedo-boats and patrol boats in the Great War] by ‘Taffrail’ [Captain Taprell Dorling (1931)] and The Harwich [Naval Forces : their part in the Great War], E F Knight (1919). All good material but no hint as to where any inventions may be listed or found.
    Looking at the bibliography in Torpedomen I thought the MoD Library may be worth a search.
    Just for information the person I am searching for is Gunner(T) Arthur James Roach Royal Navy, and the inventions appear to have been made between 1917 and 1919.