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Tony Beales

    In the sketch of the battle itself – “L’armée françoise combattant l’armée Angloise à bord opposé – troisieme position” (The French fleet fighting the English fleet on the opposite tack), I think the key is as follows:

    A L’armée Françoise – French fleet exiting anchorage to left on starboard tack (beyond frigates)
    B Fregates repetiteurs – repeating frigates (bottom of picture)
    E Fort & Ville St George
    C L’armée Angloise – English fleet advancing along coast to right on port tack (beyond French fleet)
    G Convoi de l’armée Angloise – English convoy (far top left)
    H? Vaisseaux detaches du convoy et joignant leur armee – vessels detached from English convoy joining their fleet (advancing from top left).

    As usual, the fleets seem much more ordered than accounts suggest.

    I hope this is of some help.