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Frank Scott

    In a book about the Star of India (ex- Euterpe) (built in 1863), I was interested to note after she was bought by the Alaska Packers’ Association she had two changes of rig. First of all she was cut down from full-rig to barque rig, later she lost her spanker gaff and sported to the simple West Coast ‘mutton and ringtail’ rig.
    Jerry MacMullen, Star of India: The Log of an Iron Ship (San Diego, 1993) has two relevant photographs between pages 46 & 47. The first, taken in 1918, shows her with only the mutton set, while the second, taken in 1921, shows her with both mutton and ringtail.
    Looking through on-line images I have come across photos of other Alaska Packers’ square riggers that went over to mutton and ringtail, such as the barques Star of Finland (ex-Kaiulani) and Star of Bengal.

    Frank Scott