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Malcolm Lewis

    “…too late? Ah! Two fatal words of war! Too late in moving here. Too late in arriving there. Too late in coming to this decision. Too late with enterprises. Too late in preparing. In this war the footsteps of the Allied forces have been dogged by the mocking spectre of ‘Too late’!”
    Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George. From a speech in the House of Commons, 20th December, 1915
    Any shell-fire aimed at my garden lawn has been as ineffective as the Navy’s bombardment to relieve the troops pinned down on the beachhead in the scorching heat of the Gallipoli peninsular.
    The words in Lloyd George’s speech to the House of Commons 1915 illustrate the frustration of the Government to break the impasse in Flanders in a war that the public expected would have been over by Christmas 1914. There was never any question regarding the bravery of our servicemen put in harm’s way. What was lacking was a command organisation providing careful planning, the deployment of well trained troops and coordination between land, sea and air forces.
    Little had been achieved in this regard at the outset of the Second World War but things were improving by 1942.
    Malcolm Lewis