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Frank Scott

    Once again members of MarHst-L Forum have been very helpful & their responses are summarised below:

    A. From John Kohnen:
    It’s a ‘boom’ because it spreads the foot of the sail. A boom does not have to have an end attached to the mast, it is a ‘boom’ on a balance lugsail or lateen — unless it’s a Sunfish sailboat, where the Class Association calls the lateen yard the “upper boom”; and the boom the “lower boom”!! <gasp>. It seems to me that Bentinck’s invention is well and properly named.

    B. From Steven Toby
    I think John must be right about the literal meaning of the word “boom,” since the spar used to extend the foot of a studding sail was also called a boom. It didn’t even swing, with respect to the yard it was rigged out from.

    – I stand corrected.

    Frank Scott