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    Keith B

      Hello, I’m a new member of TSONR residing in Michigan, USA. I am also a member of Model Ship World/Nautical Research Guild… https://modelshipworld.com

      I am currently building a model of the USS Tennessee originally the USS Madawaska… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Tennessee_(1865) Here is the link to my MSW build log… https://modelshipworld.com/topic/19698-wood-hull-screw-frigate-uss-tennessee-1869-to-1886-by-keith-black-scale-1120/

      During my build of the Tennessee I’ve searched (and continue to search) for artifacts of the USS Tennessee. Other than the occasional envelope addressed to a member of the crew I was/have been unable to find a USS Tennessee artifact until recently. When searching eBay I came across an auction item from the USS Madawaska. It is a builders tag/plate for a forty gallon tank made by the Navy Yard in New York, USA dated 1866 with the name Madawaska. It appears to be made of cast bronze. Please see the enclosed photos.

      The reason for this post is that I’m trying to determine the rarity for this type of artifact. Have members here ever seen anything similar and what are your thoughts on the rarity of this artifact.

      Thank you in advance, Keith

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