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    My Scottish great-grandfather William Kennedy (1816-1876), when mate of the ship Wallace of Liverpool on a voyage to San Francisco 1852-4, was promoted when her master John Myers was taken ill to hospital in Valparaiso after a 45-day rounding of Cape Horn.
    When Wallace returned to Livepool the crew presented her new master with a fine spyglass, ‘as a mark of Esteem for his Gentlemanly conduct’, as the inscription reads.
    How unique [?unusual] was such a presentation and has anyone made a collection of similar cases?
    Charles Dawson

    Charles M

    I’ve seen similar tokens in different forms from crew and passengers, so whilst not common (or commonly seen), these are not especially rare either, just nice to have a provenance and story behind an item for a change. I imagine many other tokens were given unengraved or in more fragile material (glass/paper) which simply hasn’t survived.
    Charles Miller

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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