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    Malcolm Lewis

      I have a query about Rear-Admiral Sir William Hewitt’s uniform c1880 see attachment. In addition to his braid rings he has buttons added. Is there particular significance to these additions please/

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        ‘Evening Malcolm,

        Herewith a link to a photo from the same era showing more junior officers with similar buttons, with thanks to the late Dave Perkins, who you’ll probably remember from Marhsters :

        but not being of flag rank the buttons are not situated quite where they appear on R.-Adm Hewitt’s uniform, however, reading the Navy List for 1881 it does note that the uniform appears to be similar to an Admiral, where it states that …… “round cuffs, the sleeves laced as in full dress, omitting the slash, with 3 buttons between the row of one and three quarters inch lace and the distinction lace.” if that makes sense : so there doesn’t appear to be any significance as far as I can see ; just one of those stages they went through with uniforms until they discovered that if you kept it simple it made things a lot easier and less expensive for everyone 😉

        Yours Aye


        Malcolm Lewis

          Thanks Paul for your prompt response. The Victorian and Edwardian naval officers certainly loved embellishing their uniforms and sleeve buttons featured with all ranks. I assume CPOs still have sleeve buttons today.


            Hewitt in that photograph is wearing the frock coat. The three buttons on the cuffs seem to have been discarded as part of the uniform regulations which were promulgated on 10 October 1891.

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