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    M.R. B

    The website http://warshipbooks.homestead.com advertises a book ‘Accidents and Catastrophes of the Russian Navy Vol 4 Part 2′ which is reported to be ‘dedicated to the catastrophes of the light cruiser ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV in 1959 and the destroyer OTVAZHNYJ in 1974′. There is a picture of the jacket-cover, which has a photo of the ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV as fitted-out for surface-to-surface missile trials in the late 1950s and the lurid title ‘ChERNOMORSKAYa KhIROSIMA’ (‘Black Sea Hiroshima’).

    The book itself is reportedly out of print, but the advert alone clearly implies something pretty serious happened to the ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV in 1959. But what? When, precisely? Where? What evidence is there? Does any member know more – maybe even have a copy of the book mentioned?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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