Bletchley Park – why never secreted below ground?

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    Malcolm Lewis

      The code breaking operation at Bletchley Park was vital in winning the Second World War especially the Battle of the Atlantic. Any references to it were at the very highest security level namely “Ultra Secret”, higher even than “Most Secret” and yet all the code breaking machinery and the many highly trained staff were housed in the old mansion or the numerous very basic wooden huts that would do little credit to a local tennis club and were very visible to reconnaissance aircraft. A few bombs did fall nearby although it was thought they were intended for the local railway station. If anything it might have been mistaken as an army camp.
      Bearing in mind that military headquarters’ buildings such as RAF Northwood, the Admiralty and the Western Approaches HQ in Liverpool were secreted well below ground I have never understood as to why Bletchley Park was not better protected. I have raised the question with people who are involved with Bletchley as a visitor attraction today but have never got an explanation,
      Maybe it was considered that the enemy would not believe that anything really so vital appeared so basic and apparently unimportant.
      Does anyone have any views on this piece of history?
      Malcolm Lewis

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