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    David Manthey

    During the American Revolution, in 1777, General Burgoyne crossed the Hudson River just above the Battenkill on a bridge of boats. Lt. Hadden’s journal entry for that reads “Saturday, Sept. 13th: The Advanced Corps and Right Wing of the Army, with all the Artillery cross’d the Hudsons River on a Bridge of Bateauxs near Batten Kill, and encamped at Saratoga” (“Hadden’s Journal and Orderly Books”, Albany, NY: Joel Munsell’s Sons, p. 144).

    My question: are there any sources that have more details on this bridge? There are several period descriptions of making pontoon bridges. Which are likely to be closest to what was done by Burgoyne?

    I ask because I would love to eventually try and replicate this in a small way (probably with 4 or 5 boats between the west bank on the Hudson and a small island near the mouth of the Battenkill).

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