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    Lawrie Phillips

      I need to define a date on which the Royal Marine Artillery (the Blue Marines) and the Royal Marines Light Infantry (the Red Marines)began their separate histories. From several sources I have two dates:
      30 January 1855: “The Royal Marines designated as a Light Corps and became the RMA and the RMLI”.
      21 March 1862: “The RM divided into two separate corps, the RMA and the RMLI, until 1923 when they amalgamated”.
      Can any member clarify these apparently conflicting dates?

      P.S. B

        I had understood that the RMA was established by Order in Council of 18th August, 1804, mainly for service in bomb vessels. The initial establishment was three companies with a fourth added in 1805. Source: E Fraser and L G Carr Laughton, Royal Marine Artillery 1804-1923, 2 vols, RUSI 1930.
        There are also many references on the Internet; this one is a good summary [and table of formations of RMA units, from a digital version of An Aide-Memoire to the Military Sciences, vol II, London 1860, pp341-342]:
        I think the dates in the original Query relate to the formation of a Division in 1859 (as
        distinct from the practice of having Companies attached to the various RM divisions), rather than to the foundation of the RMA.

        Keith H

          The RMLI and the RMA merged on 22 June 1923.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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