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    Malcolm Lewis

    Can someone enlighten me regarding the names of flag officers’ postings in the time of Nelson’s navy? Edgar Vincent in his book Nelson : Love & Fame (2003), refers to Nelson at the time of Trafalgar as the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the squadron blockading Cadiz.1
    He previously had responsibilities for the Mediterranean aboard Victory for two years before the battle [in October 1805]. Did he also have [operational] titles at the time of the [battles of] the Nile 1798 and Copenhagen 1801? There was of course… [his commands of the] Channel Fleet and the fleet guarding the Nore. I recall the flag officers for these commands were titled C-in-C.
    Also, did Calder and Collingwood have specific job [operational] titles?

    1. Edgar Vincent Nelson : Love & Fame (New Haven and London 2003, 2nd edn 2005) [citation above at p554 in paperback edition – see also pp485 and pp489-491]
    Malcolm Lewis

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