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    Dear all,
    I am currently researching a French sea chart of the Atlantic that is covered in over a dozen voyages, some of which were significant to the American Civil War and the French invasion of Mexico. However, my expertise is not in nineteenth century French naval or diplomatic history. If anyone could recommend specialists or books that might help to reveal who made these additions or if they are following the career of one person, that would be greatly appreciated. One clue might be the one overland voyage that is included, from/to Quebec and New England. Is this a diplomat criss-crossing the Atlantic on missions? Or is it a naval officer in the employ of France or another nation? Any ideas you might have are most welcome!
    All the information I have been able to gather and the chart itself are available at this link:

    Dr. Katherine Parker
    Research Officer, Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps
    Administrative Editor, Hakluyt Society
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