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    Sam Willis

    Morning everyone – I’m preparing a ‘Great Sea Fights’ special edition of the Mariner’s Mirror Podcast for the Battle of Jutland. My Great Grandfather was on board HMS Calliope – a light cruiser. But I know next to nothing about what Calliope got up to at the battle. Can anyone help?

    Sam Willis

    Some great responses on Twitter – thanks guys:


    – “Exceptional officer in all ways; magnificent leader of men” and “extremely popular with all” it says. For the CGM see the Gazette of 15.09.16. Awarded the French MM 10.02.19. The log is at Kew: ADM 53/36691. The list of casualties is ADM 18458/127. Her movements in the battle are ADM 137/303/2. Cdre Le Mesurier’s report is in ADM 137/302/4. His service record is ADM 196/154/351 and ADM 188/669/11010.

    Calliope was in the 4th Light Cruiser Squadron with the Iron Duke and was involved in supporting its ‘turn-away’. It came under fire from the Westfalen.


    Up to 1925 and even later will be available in record series ADM 362 and ADM 363 at TNA in fact


    At the risk of telling you something you already know there are several references to Calliope in John Campbell’s book Jutland. In the thick of it with 39 casualties including 10 killed.


    Jutland, 1916: Death in the Grey Wastes by Nigel Steel and Peter Hart quotes some very graphic descriptions of what happened onboard HMS Calliope when she was hit. There is a suggestion that she was the fastest “man of war” in

    From Battleships in Action Vol 2 by HW Wilson p159: In the pursuit Calliope suddenly sighted 3 German Dreadnoughts in the mist at 8.26, and was hit 5 times and somewhat badly damaged with a loss of 19 men before she could retreat. She fired one torpedo at 6,500 yards … … against the leading German battleship of the KAISER class, but missed.

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