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      HMS Conflict, a wooden First Class Sloop, was built at Pembroke Dock and upon completion in 1848 was taken round to Blackwall for the fitting of her Seward & Capel engines. At the same time she was lengthened by 7 feet 6 inches. A sheer plan, NPA9075, shows the new profile superimposed over the original, but it is not clear if the stern was extended or a new section was added at some other position. The ‘as built’ outline shows a lifting screw arrangement and trunk but these are not shown on the ‘as modified’ profile.
      I cannot find any record of the reason for lengthening and what advantage, if any, would be expected from such a small increase.
      Can any member provide some information or suggest why this modification was carried out and if the lifting screw was retained.

      Frank Scott

        Apologies for the late response.

        Lyon. D. & Winfield. R. The Sail & Steam Navy List (London, 2004) state that Conflict was ‘lengthened (by altering the stern)’ and go on to say that her sister Desperate was also lengthened (not stated where) under AO (Admiralty Board Order) of 13 July 1848. Since the cost that they quote for lengthening Conflict was £5,410, compared to the original hull cost of £20, 496, the work must have been substantial, and the AO should provide more information as to why this was done.


          Thanks for your interest Frank,

          I have a copy of the draught of Conflict from NMM collections which show the modification in red ink. However, my query was really about why it was thought necessary to lengthen a brand new vessel; was her sister, HMS Desperate, similarly modified; and how was it carried out? My efforts over a ten-year period to locate further information and an image of the vessel have been unsuccessful. Conflict was used for a number of trials for various propeller designs and it is this part of her career which led to my questions. Also, why was she selected for these trials?
          Neil Brough

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