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    J.D. Davies

      I’m currently looking for information on Jean Louis Barrallier, second assistant to the surveyor of the navy from 1796, who designed a number of HM ships including the Spencer, Milford and Rochefort, and was also largely responsible for laying out the town and dockyard at Milford Haven. I’ve got hold of a couple of articles on him from relatively obscure French journals, but I’d be particularly grateful if anyone with knowledge of French archives could suggest any leads.

      David Davies

      Frank Scott

        cannot help on the archives, but from another topic Dr Paul Adamthwaite of the MarHst-L forum came up with this:

        His French reputation, either prior to his enforced ‘emigration’ to England as a Royalist in 1793, or after his eventual return to France in 1815, is a little more obscure. However there is a fairly detailed article in Provence historique, 12th series, Vol 3, pp.40-148, by Emmanuel David: ‘Un toulonnais, Jean-Louis Barrallier, ingénieur de la marine, constructeur d’un port et de vaisseaux anglais (1751-1834)’. This rather confirms that his reputation was more as an ‘engineer’ than a naval architect, but he was taken on as Directeur des Constructions Navales at Toulon on 7 December 1815.

        Cy Harrison

          Here is a link to a document on one of his sons that contains a potted biography.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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