Lightship LV50 used at Calshot Spit during DD day operations

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    Frank Higham

    We have recently become aware that LV50 was one of four Lightships used during WW2 as part of the D Day invasion fleet and was hoping that we can expand on the story of this part of her history.
    This is what we have so far:
    In July 1943 it was decided that LV50 be placed at Calshot Spit after re-fitment,
    “It is recommended that LV50 Light Vessel be brought to Southampton as soon as convenient (she had been a spare since leaving Warner) for fitment of deck house protection by D.E.M.S. Department of Admiralty” It was approved and letter sent to Ministry of Transport 7/7/1943
    She was placed on Calshot Spit between Oct and Dec 1943, Then….
    1. Before Dec 1943 H.M. Solent Patrol Vessel 14 collided with her but repairs deferred until convenient
    2. On 26/4/1944 Invasion Craft 320/367 collided with her
    3. On 21/7/1944 Invasion Craft No. 7096 collided with her
    4. Prior to Sep 1944 the “Duke of Wellington” collided with her
    5. Also prior to Sep 1944 the tug DanubeII towing a structure called a Whale Link collided with her
    6. On 19/12/1945 LC 1152 collided with her.
    Can anyone suggest where we can look for further information and details of the collisions etc?
    Many thanks

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