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    Frank Higham

      I am looking for help in the quest to find the builder of the lightship LV50, which is the club ship of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club which is moored in the harbour at Blyth.
      Our House Yacht is now the oldest floating timber light vessel remaining in Great Britain and only one of three still identifiable as a light vessel. In 1908 there were 54 light vessels on station mainly around the East Coast, the Thames Approaches and along the South coast. She was built in 1879 but the builder and location of her construction are unknown because all records held by Trinity House were destroyed in a fire following a bombing raid in 1940. The only physical identification mark on her is LV 50 engraved into one of the deck beams in what is now the bar area. Today, National Historic Ships UK register her as being of National Importance. She is recorded in the National Register of Historic Vessels with the certificate number 141.
      Her dimensions are 100 ft length overall (30.48 metres) her beam is 21ft (6.4 metres) with a draft of 9 ft (2.74 metres). She weighs a little over 230 tons deadweight and was never fitted with an engine always being towed to station. Her hull construction is very similar to that of the 18th century fighting ship being double planked with 3” teak timbers on 4”oak frames set 2’ apart.
      All attempts to find out where she was built have drawn a blank.
      She was purchased by the RNYC in 1952 from a breakers yard in Ipswich.
      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Francis Rozier

        Hi Frank,

        I’m sure this is an old thread and that you already have the information.

        I came up with this when looking to answer your question.

        1879 Built by Fletcher, Son and Fearnall, Union Dock, London to a design by Bernard Waymouth. Initial Station was Seven Stones, Scilly Isles.

        Please see this link-


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