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    Maurice Smith

    I am currently working on the activities of the Calvins of Garden Island near Kingston, Ontario. Their primary business was the assembly of large timber rafts (on their own account and that of other) that were sent down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec city for export, frequently to Liverpool. In 1877 they built an 888 ton barque, the Garden Island (72585) that operated at sea in their ownership until late 1883. In Liverpool the Calvin company worked with the timber merchant Edmiston & Mitchells. Leads to the timber merchant and their activities would be appreciated.
    I thank you, Maurice D Smith

    David Hepper

    The records of Edmiston and Mitchell timber merchants are now held by Glasgow University – I am sure if you contact them, they could help.

    For the University Archives, see:

    ..and for details of what they hold, see:

    Maurice Smith


    Thank you for your quick response. I will be in the UK for a month starting September 8. The odds are not good but I might just be able to have a look. Need time to assess.

    Best wishes,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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