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      I am a keen reader of D K Brown’s works on warship construction and was very sorry to hear that he had passed away. I was particularly impressed by the range of photographs David used in his books which were taken from his own collection.

      Reference was made to the Naval Photograph Club in David K Brown’s obituary in the August 08 MM (Ian Buxton, pp260-262).

      Is the club still in existence? If so, does anyone have its contact details?
      Mike Hessey

      Laurence B

        I am not a member of the Naval Photograph Club, but I also became aware of its existence when a previously unseen photo of HMS Galatea in late-1941 in the Mediterranean with an unusual camouflage scheme, was attributed to this club. Upon much searching including the standard Googling, I did locate the following contact details and information about them:
        “About five or six times a year, this organisation circulates a list of 20 photographs, together with small images of each, that members can then purchase postcard size photographs at just 40p each (including postage). There is a small annual subscription, but then you just select the photographs that interest you. Most photographs are of RN vessels during WWII but other countries and other periods also feature.
        The club is looking for 25 new members, so if you are interested then please contact the membership secretary: Mike Cooper, 19 Richmond Road, Birkdale, Southport,
        Merseyside, PR8 4SB.

        Laurence B

          I would like to add that I am now a member of the Naval Photograph Club and suggest Peter Froud – contact at – would be the best person to contact if interested in joining this club and having access to very reasonable copies of warship photographs (mainly Royal Navy) from a variety of eras.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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