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    I have been asked if I know of any connection between Admiral Lord Nelson and the island of Mauritius. Some years ago a large contemporary model of the Victory was presented to the Inner Temple in London by the then Prime Minister of Mauritius.
    Apparently, no-one in Inner Temple thought at the time to ask the significance or provenance of the model. Enquiries elsewhere have not been successful. My thought was that Nelson may have visited the island during his short stint in the East Indies on a merchantman (unlikely to merit such recognition), or that the model may have been made by a British prisoner-of-war incarcerated on the island before 1815. I can find no reference to Mauritius in my collection on Nelson and would be most grateful if anyone can shed light on this mystery.

    K F. L

    My theory is that Nelson had nothing to do with Mauritius at all. When I was at sea I stopped at Mauritius on several occasions anchoring at Port Louis, during and after the 1967 independence riots. Whilst there I purchased a lovely model of an outrigger and for a friend an Arab Dhow.
    At the boat show at Excel there is usually a ship model maker and he is the person who made a splendid model of HMS Beagle for the Beagle Project. There were models of Victory and Cutty Sark on the stand, made by craftsmen on the island of Mauritius; they can get a variety of decent wood and it is far cheaper to have them made there, creating a new craft of making British ships of an historical nature. I hope this is useful; you should be able to see such models at the exhibition at Excel in January, or at Southampton.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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