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    Bob F

      Greetings from California. My question has to do with Nelson’s leadership style, which, as we know, emphasized empowerment of subordinates, decentralization, avoidance of top-down dictates. My question is, was he unusual in this approach, or was this style common in the RN at that time? Was this style perhaps adhered-to by some senior commanders but not others? I’m doing some writing on this topic. I would love to hear thoughts about this, and would love to hear about any book or article that delves specifically into this. Thanks for reading this. (I actually have another question as well — I believe I read years ago that it was possible to see a cannon ball headed toward one’s head. Yes? No?)

      Frank Scott

        The degree to which a fleet commander could control his fleet in the age of sail & signal flags was quite limited, particularly once battle was joined. Michael Duffy’s article ‘All was hushed up: The hidden Trafalgar’ (Mariner’s Mirror Vol 92:2 (2005 special bicentennial edition) is worth reading to see how poorly some Admiral’s/Captains performed in this famous battle.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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