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    David G

      First of all, hello to everyone, just signed up.
      So, I’m going to jump right in with what might seem a bit of an off the wall question…….
      I started a project about 2 years ago about the news of Trafalgar reaching London. I quickly discovered the existence of “The Trafalgar Way” which has helped a bit, had several exchanges with Kathy Brown.

      Now, Lt Lapenotière Landed in Falmouth, and Capt Sykes landed in Devonport, but both had to take a private hire Chaise to London which would have cost an eye watering amount. So my question is, how would they have paid for them? This is my main question, but it leads to another more general one – how did any officer travel to the ship they were appointed to?

      Here’s hoping


        I imagine if they were effectively on government business they could have asked for the money back on expenses? I don’t know how it worked, but if looking at other cases where people have spent money on admiralty business out of their own purse and want it back, they submit receipts and ask.

        On a tangental note to your second main question, I was wondering how many officers took a second home or lodging near to where their ship was based? I am researching William Gough (1722-1760) and though he lived in Gloucestershire, one of his children was baptised in Hampshire, and with his ship at Spithead, it occurred to me that he and his wife might have rented a place nearer to the ship for that period?

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        Nicholas Blake

          The fact that Lapenotiere submitted an expense claim suggests he at least paid them in cash. Lt Lapenotiere’s expenses were £46 19s 1d, quite a large amount for a lieutenant whose basic sea pay was £7 per lunar month. Here is his claim for expenses.

          Officers generally preferred to travel their ships by sea in another RN ship. In 1809 a lieutenant of the marines was asked about an event on board the Thracian and replied ‘ A: ‘…I was on board between a fortnight and three weeks I went on board the 22nd of Decr. I think for a passage to join my ship the Euryalus, and left her about the fourth fifth or sixth of January on her arrival at Spithead.’

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