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    Frank Scott

      Now that Questions & Answers section for Mariner’s Mirror has been moved to the on-line forum, perhaps it is time to look back and see if anyone can fill in some of the gaps.

      Here are a few unanswered queries from Volume One, over a century old

      Query 60 (1911) from O. W.
      ‘Sails & rigging – the origin of the term “yard” for a spar of a watercraft.’, page125

      Query 65 (1911) from Anon.
      ‘Festive landings of Royal Navy warship’s crews for possible recruiting purposes – example of HMS
      Sanspareil at Queenstown / Cobh, Ireland, 1861.’, page125

      Query 72 (1911) from Sapor,
      ‘Naval ordnance / guns – Royal Navy guns referred to as “Miller” and “Congreve” after their makers’, page 126

      Query 082 (1911) from B. G. C.
      ‘A Royal Navy functionary similar to that of the 18th Century Spanish Royal Navy’s “phlebotomist / barber
      surgeon” rated as a “sangrador / blood letter”.’ , page 127.

      Query 084 (1911) from G. C.
      ‘British watercraft: the 18th Century term “huffey”.’, page 128.

      Query 089 (1911) from W. S.
      “The couplet containing “she exports coal that once imported kings”.”, page 157

      When anyone comes up with an answer could they please raise it as a new topic under the appropriate forum heading.


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