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    Judy S. P

      I’ve transcribed the attached 1684 logbook entry recorded during an East India Co. voyage to Madras, India. Please see my questions brackets [*like this?*]. In which currency was the captain apparently offering to provide a personal “loan” to the Company? The “Prcid” abbreviation is similar to “pcid” or “ptid”, which appears frequently in this logbook. To what do these abbreviations refer?

      At our arrival Carwar [Karwar], Mr Robt Harbine, the cheife of that factory for
      the honbl E. India Compa, acquainted mee that the Pepper, at Battycolla
      ad. [aforesaid] not beinge fully pd for, he doubted we might finde some difficulty in gettinge
      it all off & noe more then what was pd for, to Effect gettinge it all off. I
      tould hime wt Little Stock I had of my owne & would (to serve the honbl Compa)
      suply hime wth Pr [*abbreviation for which currency?*] :in 3000 wch mony hee said would be sufficient & was very
      glad to accept of my kinde offer. Afshuringe me he would not be wanting
      in giveinge the President Acco of my freenefs in serving the Compa in the
      [*Prcid?*] the goods lyeinge in a hazardous condition, Either to be taken, away
      by Simbergee [Shivaji] the Rebel of this Country, or to be bought up by Interlopers
      the Marchts [merchants] often solisitous for ther mony would gladly if occation
      offerd, dispos’d of, to any one for ready mony—soe Mr George Cooke
      desir’d I would suply hime wth [*?*]2000: to Satisfie the Marchts though
      it will not discharge the whole debt.

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