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    Sam Willis

      May 2016 has seen the Battle of Jutland rise to national prominence,and one of the things that has happened is that many people have mentioned to me that they had relatives who fought at Jutland. I have also been contacted by numerous people with relics from Jutland, usually made from timber from ships’ decks. I have an ink blotter made from the teak of the Iron Duke that was passed down through the family. DO you have any relics like this? Have you seen any in any antique shops? If you do, please photograph them and reply to this Topic and we’ll see if we can create an online archive of Jutland Relics.

      Frank Scott

        Worth contacting the Royal Navy Trophy store in Portsmouth which should have a raft of such items.
        Although not from Jutland, I always liked the silver toast-rack from the battle-cruiser HMS Invincible that had been deformed by a German shell that had passed through the wardroom at the Battle of the Falklands (1914). For some reason it was ashore when Jutland took place, so it was almost the only item that passed from the WW1 battle-cruiser to her post WW2 aircraft-carrier namesake.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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