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    Nicholas Kaizer

      Does anyone know of any books (scholarly or general non-fiction) about the Royal Navy in the West Indies? I’m looking for some sources for an upcoming project. Books exist for the Royal Navy in other regions, such as my native Nova Scotia, but as yet I haven’t found anything specific to the Caribbean.

      Sam Willis

        Nicholas – what period are you studying? Yellow jack and the Worm is a great place to start for mid 18thC history and how the RN operated

        Grahame A

          Michael Duffy. Soldiers, Sugar, and Seapower: The British Expeditions to the West Indies and the War Against Revolutionary France. Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press deals with the joint RN and Army expeditions at the end of the 18th century

          Nicholas Kaizer

            Brilliant, both sound helpful.

            (In general, anything on the Georgian/Regency era)

            David Hepper

              There is also

              CRIME AND PUNISHMENT in the ROYAL NAVY: Discipline On The Leeward Islands Station, 1784 1812 by John Burn Scolar Press, Aldershot 1989

              Ian Y

                If you’re interested in the Corp of Colonial Marines or West India Regiments, try to find Roger Norman Buckley’s

                The British Army in the West Indies: Society and the Military in the Revolutionary Age


                Slaves in Red Coats: The British West India Regiments, 1795-1815

                Ian Y

                  The History of the First West India Regiment‘ by Alfred Burdon Ellis is another you could try. It covers the 1779-1881 period.

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