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      Hello All,

      The attached image is of a Royal Navy WW2 uniform shoulder patch that was worn by my Father in Law during the War, He served on various Ships but we don’t know any of their names – one was a Mine Sweeper and we wondered if this patch / badge signified service on a Mine Sweeper as the embroidered images don’t seem to indicate anything that we can guess in relation to other service within the Royal Navy in Wartime?

      Thanks for your help with this.

      My Regards,


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      Justin A

        This appears to be the emblem of the Royal Naval Association/Royal Navy Old Comrades Association. See the following links:—royal-navy-old-comrades-association-lapel-badge.html

        I would imagine the patch displays his membership to the Association, but unfortunately doesn’t give any further detail what vessels he served on etc. As an American, I’m not sure what state the UK archives from this period are in or how one could access them to explore records (or submit a request?) regarding your father-in-law’s service, but I imagine there are resources…perhaps within this very group? See the “Special Interest Groups” page on the Royal Naval Association’s website and there’s contact info for a group called “Insignia and badges.” Perhaps you will find some leads there?


        CHRIS M

          Hello Justin,

          Sorry that this reply is so long after your message was posted – a family member had the Corona virus / Covid-19 in December and I have had some serious Computer problems during January so any reply to my thread was not on my mind in December and it was not possible to reply to you for most of January because of my Computer not working.

          Thank You very much for replying to me and for the links to the other organisations.

          Since posting this thread on the Forum I have been told by a very old veteran who served in the Royal Navy from the early 1960s to the middle of the 1980s that the shoulder badge / patch just denotes the Royal Navy and not any particular branch of the service or any individual ship.

          That was also confirmed by a younger veteran of the Royal Navy who stated that a slightly updated / modernised version of the shoulder badge / patch was being worn even in the mid 1990s – with the same images just sharpened up`.

          Having been told that I feel that I cannot really pursue any further investigations and expect any more information from just the picture of the badge as we already know that my Father in Law definitely served in the Royal Navy for most of the Second World War.

          Thanks again for trying to help I really appreciated it.


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