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    Jay S

      What became of the Monkbarns mutineers?
      In 1918 five seamen were escorted to Newport railway station in south Wales for onward transportation to jail. They had “combined to disobey” on a passage round the Horn aboard the British full-rigged ship Monkbarns – allegedly the last mutiny aboard a British sailing vessel – and were sentenced to 12 weeks in jail by an impromptu military court held aboard the armed merchant cruiser HMS Armadale Castle in Rio bay in June 1918. David Thomas, 45, of Swansea, Thomas O’Brien, 41, of Dundalk, Ireland, Charles H. Moore, 21, of Chicago, USA, Edvard Henriksen, 22, of Arendal, Norway, and Fausto Humberto Villaverde, 22, of Callao, Peru, still had six weeks of their sentence to serve when they arrived in the UK in custody of the Armadale Castle on 4 August 1918. Where were they imprisoned and are there any further records of any of them?

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