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    Robert K

      Any ideas as to which ships this company owned!? It’s the only clue to come from an upturned steamer close to Beachy Head that’s 120m long and after nearly 20 years it’s the only clue I’m aware of!
      Orient Pacific Steam Nav Co. is what we believe it to be. A chap in Australia dives an anchorage where large steamers used to anchor up and has collected large amounts of pottery that was dropped or thrown overboard. He found some with this logo and with the help of a historian decided it was Orient Pacific.
      It seems to have merged with Pacific Steam Nav Co…
      All rabbit holes I go down lead to large passenger steamers, this wreck is most probably a coal carrying ship, 1 boiler and from the prop design, we are guessing a 2cyl so early. Most likely WW1 loss.
      It could of course be a Red Herring, thrown overboard from another passing ship or taken on board by a crew member but every year I look at it and wonder about it…

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        My Daughter is part of Beachy Head coastguard, not sure how that helps.

        I was looking at the Orient Steam Company uniform regulations 1958 in the Caird Library at Greenwich last week, so they may well have more information on the company.


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