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    andrew a

    I am having trouble finding sources of any kind to research China’s naval history. I would like to specifically focus on the Chinese Junk ships but I can’t even pull enough sources together to know what time period I should even be focusing on or what direction to go from there.

    I have the Van Tilburg book but it is only the one and is a secondary source on a small sample of Junks. Google scholar and my uni library have yielded zilch but more likely my searching for sources is just not my strong suit.

    Frank Scott

    George Raleigh Gray Worcester (1890-1969) is the best western source for the history of Junks. He served in the Marine Department of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service for some 30 years, & became fascinated by junks. He wrote several books on the subject & supervised the construction of the unique Maze Collection of Chinese Junk models that was presented to the Science Museum, Kensington, London. Sadly this collection has not been on display for over a decade, & they are now buried somewhere in storage.
    Among his books are:
    A classification of the principal Chinese sea-going junks: (south of the Yangtze)
    Sail & Sweep in China. The History and Development of the Chinese Junk
    The Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze
    The Junkman smiles (autobiography)
    In Mariner’s Mirror (which he edited 1954-61) he had numerous articles published, amongst them:
    34(1)016: Chinese watercraft – the ‘war junk’.
    40(4)304: Chinese watercraft – the ‘Amoy fishing boat’.
    41(2)170: Chinese watercraft – fish farming / pisciculture in China since 500BC, and the ‘yüch’uan’ craft used to carry live fish down the lower Yangtze to Shanghai
    41(3)222: Chinese watercraft – the ‘chiao-hua-ch’uan’ foot-paddling boat of Chekiang
    45(2)130: Chinese watercraft of Kwangtung province,
    47(3)187: Chinese watercraft – ‘junks’ of Kiangsi Province


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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