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    Sam Willis

      I’ve been reading into the story of the Gripfast. It’s a good one. She wrecked in 1947, broke her back, was cut into two pieces, but then apparently was repaired and went on to sail happily for some years.
      I have 3 questions:
      1. Does anyone know of any more information about this in the archives or published?
      2. Has anyone heard of a similar story? A ship being cut in two and then being put back together?
      3. Apparently there was once a model of her. Does anyone have any idea where this might be?

      David Hepper

        For a ship being put back together – there is the case of HMS ZUBIAN in WW1 – a destroyer built from the remains of the Zulu and Nubian – the Zulu having had her bows blown off by a torpedo, whilst Nubian had lost her stern to a mine. Both remaining sections were joined to make the Zubian.

        Mark Barton

          I am aware of some ships in recent years where they have cut them in half added another section in the middle and then put them back together. Large area repairs are quite easy to do. I have put a new front end on a vessel before, cutting off the old one, weld new one on and put a new 4 deck element into a warship. I suppose the slightly unusual bit here is that both parts remained afloat.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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