The Four Admirals Captured at Trafalgar – Dates Released by the British?

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    Anthony N

      I’m trying to pin down the dates (or at the very least accurate years) the four Admirals captured at Trafalgar were released by the British.
      I have some basics for three, and nothing for one, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good source or has this information?

      Alava – He was rescued two days after the battle when the Santa Ana was re-captured
      Villeneuve – Before 22nd April 1806
      Dumanoir – 1809
      Cisnero – Before June 1809

      David Hepper

        Contemporary newspapers can be helpful, available at the British Newspaper Archive [subscription necessary].

        Dumanoir was released in July 1806. Widely reported in contemporary newspapers of the time. For example, from the London Chronicle 12 July 1806 p.8 under a dateline of Plymouth July 9 –
        “The French Admiral Dumanoire and four Captains, taken by Admiral Sir Richard Strachan, embarked on board a fishing-smack this afternoon for Morlaix, on their parole d’honneur, and sailed immediately”

        [source: British Newspaper Archive]

        Villeneuve was released in April 1806. Again, widely reported in newspapers of the time.
        The St James’s Chronicle 12 April 1806 p.3 under dateline of Plymouth April 9 –
        “Arrived yesterday from London the French Admiral Villeneuve, Captain Lucas, his Physician and his suite, at the Globe Hotel in two post-coaches and four. A trawl-boat has been fitted up for him, by order of the Transport Board to convey them and suite to Morlaix, as a cartel. He embarked at the Pier Head and sailed this morning for the above port, and is to remain in France on his parole of honour….”

        [source: British Newspaper Archive]

        Anthony N

          Thanks David, appreciated. Looks like another subscription is hitting the bank account!

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