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    Emma H

      Good afternoon all,

      I hope someone may be able to help with this topic and point me in the direction of any research – either journals or books where this has been discussed. Apart from a brief mention of it by N.A.M Rodger, I have been unable to find any other source that talks directly about how the system was used and why.

      If anyone could assist, I would be very grateful!

      Many thanks,


      Sam Willis

        Thanks for your post Emma – for those members who may not be familiar with the system could you please outline how it worked from what we know already?

        Emma H

          Hi Sam,

          Rodger, (in his Naval History for Genealogists), briefly describes it as a complicated system where men were ‘lent’ to warships or to merchant vessels to replace those pressed into service. As part of my research for my recent MA, I looked at over 6,000 men – many of which were ‘lent’ out to other vessels, but their type did not correspond with the system that Rodger describes.

          If anyone knows of any other research conducted on this subject, I would be very grateful as I’m now in the planning stages of a PhD!

          Thanks again,


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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