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    Sam Willis

      I’ve received an interesting query from Clive Potter – can you help?

      I am researching a lead on a ship that was called the ‘Rose’, and may have been under the direct control, or at least had share ownership, by the king as it was referred to as the ‘King’s Rose’.

      This ship appears to have been based, or used for a time, the port of Bristol. The time period is between the 1450s and 1530s.

      I would be most interested to know whether you, or members of the Society for Nautical Research, have come across a record or reference to this particular ship

      Thanking you in anticipation for any help that you may be able to share.

      Kind regards,

      Clive Potter

      Mark Barton

        I asked Susan Rose on this and she has responded with: There are various Rose of Bristol ships listed in the Bristol record society volume Bristol’s trade with Ireland and the continent 1503 -1602 ed Flavin and Jones but probably too late for the forum member. Re royal ships the most probable contender might be one of the vessels listed in the Antony Roll with ‘Rose’ as an element in their name. e.g.Mary Rose, Double Rose, Rose in the Sun, and the Rose Slype. See The Antony Roll ed Knighton and Loades NRS 2000. Worth checking these references but more info needed for positive identification!

        I hope that helps Clive.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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